Our story

Many people say animals are their life. But when you have 6 dogs, 3 horses, 4 goats and 3 cows like Joyce Aliaga does, it is true. Joyce started her professional pet journey over 12 years ago when she became a certified dog and puppy trainer and volunteered at the Humane Society in Harrisburg, PA. After moving to Florida and working as a kennel tech for just 3 months, she was promoted to general manager at a 160-dog facility in Fort Myers. During Hurricane Irma, she and her staff hunkered down with more than 120 dogs to ensure their safety. The experience led her to become Pet CPR & First Aid Certified, as well as FEMA Certified for Emergency Management during natural disasters.

There’s nothing in the world Joyce wouldn’t do for an animal, including finding the perfect partner to help take care of yours. Enter Frank Hake, fellow animal lover and construction industry professional. With a shared passion and complementary skill sets, Joyce and Frank set out to create the very best Naples dog and puppy training, daycare, and boarding facility known to dog. And when yours trots through the new Naples Pampered Pet Resorts door, rest assured he or she is immediately part of the family.


Dog Daycare Naples FL

The Pampered Pack

If you’re anything like us, you’ll dig like a Dachshund to learn about the people caring for your best friend. Meet the Naples dog training and overnight care team, all Pet CPR & First Aid Certified.

Pack member Jak with two happy dogs


General Manager

The Pampered Experience

Naples Daycare & Boarding at Pampered Pet Resorts

At Pampered Pet Resorts in Naples we are proud to provide boarding and daycare services to pups of all ages and sizes. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. Our facility features a splash pad and provides staff to dog ratio of 1 to 15. Stop in and see us today!

Dog Boarding Suites at Pampered Pet Resorts

At Pampered Pet Resorts in Naples we offer numerous suite options to make your pups stay comfortable. Each suite has an individualized drain to avoid cross-contamination during sanitization. After play periods each pet family has their own suite to rejuvenate.

Naples Dog Daycare & Boarding Play Areas

At Pampered Pet Resorts we offer four separate play areas including a 900 sq ft indoor play area equipped with agility equipment. This is perfect during bad weather days so our pups can stay active.

Dog Daycare & Boarding Sanitation System

At Pampered Pet Resorts in Naples we utilize a state of the art food grade cleaning system. Every suite is fully sanitized during each visit. All play areas are sprayed down multiple times throughout the day.

Daycare & Boarding Resort Natural Gas Generator

At Pampered Pet Resorts in Naples, our natural gas generator is integrated into our electrical system and has the capability to fully power ALL aspects of our operations in the event of a power outage or natural disaster. We test our generator every Friday afternoon to ensure proper operation.

Naples Dog Daycare & Boarding Air Handler

At Pampered Pet Resorts our facility introduces 100% fresh air every 20 minutes or three times every hour. The air handler is equipped with a Hepa Filter which removes 99.7% of all airborne pathogens.

What Does it Mean That Your Pack is Pet CPR Certified?

Our entire pack is pet-CPR and first aid certified. We all go through training courses to make sure that we’re all prepared in the event of injuries or emergencies.

Please Tell me About the FEMA Animals in Disasters: Awareness and Preparedness Course?

Each pack member completes this course. In it, we’re taught how to manage many animals in the event of a disaster. In Florida, we must be concerned about hurricanes. While our building is rated to withstand a Cat 5 hurricane, other things need to be considered in the event of a natural disaster in the area.

What Does “Managers Have Extensive Industry Experience” Mean?

The managers at Pampered Pet Resorts have a diverse background in animal care, ranging from fostering to grooming to the boarding industry. This breadth of experience allows us to offer you and your pup a complete range of industry knowledge and skills.

Can You Detail the One-Month Training Course?

Before a new Pack member is even allowed to enter a kennel, they must first complete all of the safety and training courses online. Once that’s accomplished, they shadow a senior staff member for training in how to lead a dog properly, run them to and from group play, walk individual dogs, and manage feeding and delivery of medications on time properly.

What Are the Essential Characteristics of a Pampered Pet Resorts Pack Member?

When we’re hiring new pack members, we look for high-energy, fun-loving individuals who – most of all – have a deep, abiding love for all animals.

How do Pampered Pet Resorts Pack Members Differ From Other Facilities’ Employees?

Our pack members are different in that they’re all hand-picked. Each of them loves animals, views this as a long-term career, and goes above and beyond every day when it comes to caring for your pup.

What are Your Continuing Education Requirements, and are They More Rigorous Than Those of Other Local Facilities?

Our training is significantly more rigorous than others due to our high standards. As our industry continues to evolve, we ensure that our pack members have every resource available to grow, learn, and better themselves when it comes to caring for your dog.

What Does That Mean For Me as a Dog Owner?

You can count on us being here 24/7 to take care of your dog, keep them safe, and make sure that they’re having fun. Once your dog enters our doors, we think of them as our dog too. In short, there’s nothing we won’t do for them.

Now that you’ve learned how dedicated we are to providing your pupper with a safe, loving, fun environment, we invite you to stop by for a visit and check out our state-of-the-art facility. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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