Puppy Program

If you ask us, there’s nothing cuter than a puppy. Their soft fur, bumbling ways, and overall enthusiasm make every day a joyful one. However, they also require consistent training to help them learn proper manners and how to behave. That’s why we offer our Puppy Program. It’s designed for growing pooches that haven’t yet been housebroken.

Quality puppy training and daycare are crucial when it comes to your dog’s development. When you trust your new friend to the team at Pampered Pet Resorts, you’re putting them in the best environment possible.

Your pup will be assigned to one pack member for the day. Not only does this build a trusting relationship, but it also helps ensure that they get consistency in what they’re learning.

Naturally, our littlest guests get plenty of socialization during multiple daily group playtimes. Don’t worry if your pupper is a bit shy; we make sure that groups are compatible in temperament and play style in order to ensure happy, safe fun for all.

You’ll be happy to know that we also schedule additional potty breaks to reinforce the potty training lessons they’re receiving at home.

During their downtime from group play sessions, guests at our puppy resort get to play with puzzle toys that stimulate their brains. This serves to both arouse their natural curiosity and keep them from getting bored.

Our Experienced Pack Members are Eager to Help Your Puppy Learn

Every one of our pack members is Pet CPR certified, so you can feel safe leaving your bundle of love in our more-than-capable hands. We use positive reinforcement training with your pup, helping them learn basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” “off,” “down,” and “recall.”

When you arrive for pick-up, you’ll receive a report card detailing your pupper’s day from their handler. It’s a great way to keep up with their progress and see what they learned!

We look forward to detailing our Puppy Program in more detail. Give us a call when you’re ready to treat your newest family member to the best puppy daycare in Naples. 

Premier features

  • Splash pad
  • Individual suites for every guest
  • Live cams showing entire kennel and outside areas
  • State-of-the-art air handling system
  • Restaurant-grade cleaning system

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