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Private Play Available For Pampered Pups

If your fur baby doesn’t mix well with other dogs, it certainly doesn’t mean they’re broken. It just means that our human pack gets to spend individual time throwing balls, giving belly rubs, or bathing in the sun alongside them! It’s all included in our Private Play Program.

Like humans, not every dog likes to socialize and some are just more naturally comfortable around humans than they are other dogs. Our Private Play Program at our Naples dog daycare is specifically tailored to meet those puppers’ needs.

*Additional service fees and limitations apply*

How The Program Works

We create individualized playtime based on compatibility and other needs that may be specific to your pooch. He or she will be walked in between our group play blocks to ensure they never come nose-to-nose with another dog. With our individual puppy play, we keep it stress-free for your private pup and you.

Unaltered males over one year old are required to begin in the Private Play Program. If they exhibit no aggression towards other dogs during their time with us, we will invite them to participate in small group play with our pack member pups.

Let Us Pamper Your Pup Today

At Pampered Pet Resorts, we’re responsive to every dog’s needs. We make sure to offer a variety of special programs at our Naples dog resort, with consideration given to age, energy level, temperament, and other important factors. We look forward to discussing with you and then creating a program that your dog will love! 

Premier features

  • Splash pad
  • Individual suites for every guest
  • Live cams showing entire kennel and outside areas
  • State-of-the-art air handling system
  • Restaurant-grade cleaning system

More Questions? We have answers!