A Day Full of Love and Fun!

One popular option we offer our guests and their humans is daycare. Your pups get to meet and play with new friends, and you can take advantage of our live cams to check in on them, see how they’re getting along, and put a smile on your face. Our trained handlers are certified to handle any emergency, so you can drop your furry friend off with an added sense of reassurance that they’re well cared for.

We know that all that play can wear a pup down, so we make sure to provide guests with a peaceful suite to enjoy that all-essential rest and recovery. This ensures that they’re ready to get back out there and romp to their heart’s content. You can count on finding your pup in a happy, content state of mind after they’ve enjoyed our Naples dog care services. We understand that sometimes you can get delayed when you’re coming to pick up, so our rates have a grace period of one hour built into them.

      • Half day: up to 7 hours – $30
      • Full day: up to 13 hours – $40

Supervised Playtime


  • Scheduled group play six times per day (subject to change at the handler’s discretion due to group sizes and play styles)
  • Play groups that are suited to their play style
  • Private Play with Pack Members seven times a day, offered as an additional service (required for unaltered males over one year of age)







Pampered Pet Resorts entrance


State of the Art Facility


  • Live cams that show the entire kennel inside and outside
  • Restaurant-grade cleaning system used for each suite after our guest depart
  • HEPA Air Filtration System that captures 99.95% of particles passing through with 100% fresh air induction cycles every 20 minutes
  • Our entire facility is climate-controlled and maintained at 74 degrees





pups playing at the water bowl

Trained & Certified


  • Our entire pack is Pet CPR certified
  • Our team is trained in FEMA’s Animals in Disasters: Awareness and Preparedness course
  • Managers have extensive industry experience and receive training that’s specific to Pampered Pet Resorts protocols and standards

  • Each of our Pack Members goes through a one-month training program that is particular to Pampered Pet Resorts procedures and requirements 
  • Our entire team participates in continuing education and undergo regular testing to ensure we deliver the preeminent Naples dog care services


Feeding & Medication

  • Whether you take advantage of our food or bring in your own, no dog goes hungry at our dog hotel in Naples
  • We’re also happy to administer medication(s) as needed; please contact us for more details
  • Our food is available for no charge
  • If we use your food, there’s an additional fee of $20 per feeding if the food isn’t pre-bagged in individual servings
  • Oral meds and sterile injections delivered at no charge


Premier features

  • Splash pad
  • Individual suites for every guest
  • Live cams showing entire kennel and outside areas
  • State-of-the-art air handling system
  • Restaurant-grade cleaning system

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