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A COVID Puppy Program

During the pandemic, so many of us have come to rely on the companionship only a fur-ever friend can provide. However, the lockdown of last year & the continuing caution many of us are still employing has led to a large number of pups coming to the resort who have yet to be socialized so they are comfortable around other canines.

Not to worry. We’re here to help you safely socialize your covid pup. 

It is crucial that every dog is introduced to a group setting correctly and at their own pace. As part of our puppy socialization process here in Naples, we begin with a very slow intro with a member of our pack to assess your pet’s comfort level. As we attain that knowledge, we move forward – allowing a pet more freedom to explore with the other pups. Every dog is different, so every experience will be different. We are all about positive reinforcement during puppy socialization and always ending on a good note.

How it works:

When a pup is signed up for daycare, our PPR Team will use that pup’s first day as a free assessment/intro to see where the dog stands as far as socializing with other dogs. If the PPR team finds that the pup needs a slower intro or one-on-one, our team will suggest our “COVID Puppy Program.”

Pack Welcoming Committee:

Nobody can teach a dog how to be a dog among other dogs better than…a dog! So, the PPR team sniffed out some top-notch trainers for your special pup!

We have 3 dogs – Aurora, Magnolia and Charlie – we use to introduce unsocialized dogs to a pack setting. We use these 3 consistently. They are extremely adaptable to each dog’s play style. They’ve all been adopted and they provide excellent support in achieving success for an unsocialized pup.

Meet Aurora, Magnolia May and Charlie:

Aurora is a medium-size husky mix who plays with both the small and large pups. She’s very versatile – what we consider a “rock star” player. She meshes with all play styles from slow and gentle to rough and rowdy. Adopted from Lee County.

Magnolia May is a Great Pyrenes. The gentle giant, she is your typical GP with an even temper and an all-around chill vibe. We employ her for pups that may be a little more anxious meeting new pups for the first time. Maggie gives us a calm feeling that is very comfortable to be around. Rescued from PAWS Lee County.

Charlie is a “Heinz-57” doggo. He is a great spirit and offers us the dynamic of “let’s step it up a notch and play.” He’s an excellent listener and always eager to please. Rescued from the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

Premier features

  • Splash pad
  • Individual suites for every guest
  • Live cams showing entire kennel and outside areas
  • State-of-the-art air handling system
  • Restaurant-grade cleaning system

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