Dog Grooming Services are Coming Soon!

You know how folks resolve to try something new at the beginning of every year? Well, the team here at Pampered Pet Resorts is no different! Jak, our busy General Manager, has taken it upon herself to add another skill to her arsenal — and she’s learned to provide grooming services for our resort’s guests!

That’s right. If you’ve been looking for grooming services near you so that your pupper looks their very best, you’ll soon be able to drop them off for a spa treatment at their favorite place to play when you’re away.

Pack member Jak with two happy dogs

Benefits of Regular Grooming

Caring for your best friend entails many things beyond feeding, watering, and walking. A good grooming routine helps them:

  • Keep their coat healthy and attractive looking
  • Keep their skin clean and free of problems
  • Limit the chance of infection
  • Prevent scratches and other injuries due to overly long or broken nails
  • Diminish the risk of issues building unseen with their ears, teeth, or skin

These preventative measures are easy to stay on top of when you visit the right groomer. That’s because a good groomer is far more than a barker’s beautician. They take the time to thoroughly examine your dog for numerous health problems. They’ll check for swelling, cuts, heat rashes, parasites, and more. Add in the fact that routine grooming helps to keep your dog’s coat free from fleas and tangles, and you can see the added value that comes with every grooming session.

Trust Our Pros

Sure, you can plop your pup into the tub and give them a quick bath. However, a professional groomer boasts the training to address a number of other tasks that you may not feel comfortable, or even prepared, to tackle.

Whether you’re looking for grooming services while your pupper stays at our Naples dog hotel, or just want your dog looking as pawsome as possible, contact us to be one of the first to take advantage of our grooming services. Our goal is to make your pal as comfortable and happy as can be when they visit — that’s why our guests are always excited to see us again!

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