Holiday Pet Safety

Holiday Pet Safety

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s important to consider our pets’ wellbeing in all the hustle and bustle. While most pet parents want to include their furry friends in the festivities, our pets thrive on routine, so strive to keep their eating and exercise habits consistent. Whether you plan to travel with your pet or entertain friends and family in your home for the holidays, our pack at Pampered Pet Resorts has your safety in mind.

Traveling With Your Pet

There’s so much more to pack for our pups than just their food and water. Pets who are away from home are more prone to accidents, and more likely to get into something they shouldn’t when exploring their new surroundings. Before you leave home, be sure to have the phone number and location of an emergency vet in the area you will be staying, as well as a copy of your pup’s medical records.

You also want to be sure your furry friend has identification tags on their collar or harness, and that it is fitted properly and will not slip off. Loose pets are less likely to find their way home in an area they are unfamiliar with, so tags and microchips are imperative for travel to ensure they can be reunited with you if they become lost. Always err on the side of caution and walk your dog on a leash in new places to prevent them from wandering too far.

Whether you’re staying with family or in a hotel, take a moment to puppy-proof their space to ensure your pup doesn’t have access to things like human food or trash bins. It may be in their best interest to bring a crate or playpen if they will be left unattended, and so they have their own quiet space to relax in.

Hosting Holidays at Home

While your pup may be more comfortable with you at home, having guests over can still be a stressful event for them. Try to keep your feeding and exercise schedule consistent, and make sure your pet has their own quiet place to rest during the day so they don’t become overwhelmed. A new long lasting chew toy or a Kong filled with peanut butter are great options to keep your pup occupied and help to keep them from being underfoot in a busy kitchen.

Holiday Food – To Share, Or Not?

While we don’t advise feeding human food to your pets, big holiday dinners always have leftovers that are tempting to share with our furry best friends. If you do choose to let your pup enjoy some holiday treats, keep in mind foods that are and are not safe for your pets to ingest.

                          To Share                                                                      Not To Share

•  Turkey Breast Meat                                                                          •  Turkey Skin and Bones
•  Sweet Potato                                                                                     •  Onions or Garlic
•  Steamed Green Beans                                                                    •  Gravy
•  Carrots                                                                                                 •  Raisins or Grapes
•  Pumpkin Puree                                                                                 •  Nutmeg
•  Cranberries                                                                                         •  Alcohol

When To Board Your Pets

While we would all love to spend the holidays with our best friends, some pups are simply not a fan of strangers in their home, and we unfortunately are not always able to take them with us when we travel. If you think you’ll have to board your furry friends for the holidays, always make arrangements early. Many boarding facilities are booked weeks or even months in advance, and you don’t want to stress over making last minute reservations. If your pet does not board often, we recommend having your pup try a few days of daycare prior to your trip to help them become familiar with the staff and the facility. Always do your research on where you choose to leave your pet, and if your pup is new to daycare and boarding, check out our FAQ page for more information on what to look for.

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