It’s National Pet Foster Care Month!

The pack here at Pampered Pet Resorts clearly loves dogs of all types. Shelter dogs hold a special place in our hearts since so many of them would do better in a loving home. Pet Foster Care Month is a great time to offer them a refuge from shelter life and improve their chances of finding the right family.

Recent estimates indicate that nearly 8 million pets enter shelters each year. Not only does that cause overcrowding concerns, but it’s also challenging for the animals. Many experience heightened stress levels and get overwhelmed, leading them to shut down and not present their true charm to potential adopters. That’s why fostering is so very helpful.

happy dog smiling


Foster Care Allows Pups to Be Their Best

When a pooch goes to stay in a foster home, they thrive. This temporary refuge allows them to relax, know love, adapt to living with people in a caring home, and fully exhibit their personality.

By providing a nurturing environment, foster care allows pups to prosper and recover from any past traumas. That improves their chances of being adopted into their furever home. A pup in foster care is also far more likely to enjoy a proper diet and get the exercise it needs to stay healthy. Try as they may, shelters can’t devote the time to provide the room and ample play opportunities that a home does.

Help Save A Pooch in Need

Every fostered dog is a happy dog and has a far better chance of adopting a new family of humans. Even if you can only foster a pup for a short time, we encourage you to reach out to your local shelter and offer to become a foster caregiver. The love you receive in return will be more than worth the time and effort.

To learn more about fostering a needy pup here in Naples, contact Collier County Domestic Animal Services or Humane Society Naples.

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