Cuteness Alert! National Puppy Day is Wednesday, March 23!

Though it’s only been around since 2006, National Puppy Day has quickly become one of our favorite holidays. After all, who can resist those rolling little bundles of love and energy? While it’s a great reason to celebrate our four-legged friends, the holiday actually has a serious purpose behind its founding.

cute puppy

Why We Celebrate National Puppy Day

Colleen Paige created the holiday to further her mission of drawing public awareness to the number of dogs waiting for their furever homes while also shining a light on the problems caused by puppy mills. Since history shows that shelters typically take in the highest number of pups around the summertime, she wanted to drive adoption awareness in a memorable, meaningful way.

She started by creating National Dog Day in 2004, and then branched out to celebrate the little ones with National Puppy Day.

What You Can Do

You can have fun with the day by having a puppy party, hosting a photo shoot, buying your pupper a new toy, or donating time or goods to a local shelter. But, of course, the most rewarding way to commemorate the day is to adopt your own fur baby from a local shelter. If you do adopt a new best friend, be sure to download our free New Puppy Checklist. It’s chock full of tips and tricks to ease the transition for you both.

We also encourage you to check out the Puppy Program offered here at Pampered Pet Resorts. Each pup gets assigned to one of our experienced, trained pack members for the day. That ensures consistent training and care, along with the bonding young dogs need. We provide extra potty breaks to reinforce the lessons you’re teaching at home, along with the positive reinforcement training that all dogs crave. We also make sure that Aurora, Magnolia, and Charlie – our four-pawed welcoming committee members – are available to help teach your pup the right – and wrong – way to behave in a pack environment.

Enrich a Dog’s Life This National Puppy Day

There’s no feeling quite like helping a pup in need. We invite you to do whatever you can to draw attention to the many dogs that are waiting patiently for their people to find them. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how you can help local shelters or to get more information about our services.

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