Our Top 5 Tips on Preparing for a Hurricane with Your Pup

Believe it or not, the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season is fast approaching. As you go about preparing for all contingencies, take a moment to ensure that your plan includes steps to protect your best friend. We thought this was a perfect time to offer some of our favorite tips on keeping your pup safe during and after a storm.

safe dog on leash

Have an Evacuation Plan

Be ready in case you need to escape a looming storm. Take time to be sure that everyone in your home is familiar with the plan, which should include a predetermined pet-friendly destination should you need to evacuate.

Make Sure Your Pup is Chipped

This is always a good idea, even when the weather’s not a concern. If you and your pup should ever be separated, you’re far more likely to have your lost pal returned as long as they’re chipped and your information is updated and recorded.

Keep Them Up-to-Date on Their Vaccinations

Should you need to board your pup during the evacuation process, you’ll need to show that they’re current on all of their vaccinations. Ask your vet to provide you with a copy of all of their records, including their current rabies license.

Pack an Emergency Kit for Your Pooch

Whether you want to ride out a storm or evacuate, it’s crucial to have the essentials your dog needs. Your fido-friendly kit should include the following:

      • At least three days’ worth of food and fresh water
      • Food and water bowls
      • Medical records
      • Medications
      • Collars and leashes
      • A first aid kit
      • Your vet’s contact information
      • Treats to reward them through anxious times
      • Toys to keep them busy
      • Puppy pads, paper towels, and garbage bags for clean-up while you’re evacuating

Keep Your Pet Secure

The aftermath of a hurricane can be a disorienting time for puppers. Add in downed power lines, broken fences, and flooding, and your fur-baby can find trouble all too easily. Keeping them with you at all times keeps them safe.

At Pampered Pet Resorts, our goal is to make sure that every dog stays safe and happy all year long. Taking these simple precautions will help you and your pup safely say goodbye to this year’s hurricane season on November 30.

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