Premier Dog Boarding Services in Naples, Florida

For pet owners in Naples, Florida, seeking a home away from home for their beloved canine companions, Pampered Pet Resorts stands as the epitome of luxury and care. Nestled in the heart of Naples, our esteemed pet care facility offers a haven for dogs no matter the length of their stay. Our main goal is always to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for your furry friend while you’re away.

Resort-Style Accommodations:
The Pampered Pack takes great pride in offering resort-style accommodations for dogs of all breeds. Our boarding facilities are designed with the utmost comfort in mind, featuring spacious and climate-controlled rooms to ensure a pleasant stay. Each furry guest is provided with a cozy bed, creating a homely atmosphere that minimizes stress and maximizes relaxation. Additionally, we have a splash pad and indoor and outdoor play areas.

Personalized Care Plans:
Recognizing that every dog is unique, Pampered Pet Resorts crafts personalized care plans for each guest. Whether your dog requires specific dietary considerations, medication administration or individual playtime, our experienced staff tailors services to meet the individual needs of your furry friend.

24/7 Supervision by Trained Staff:
Safety is paramount at Pampered Pet Resorts, and our Dog Boarding Services come with the assurance of 24/7 supervision by a team of trained professionals. This constant oversight ensures a secure environment for all guests, and the staff is well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise, providing peace of mind for pet owners. Every member of our Pampered Pak is CPR certified and trained in FEMA’s Animals in Disasters: Awareness and Preparedness course.

Enrichment Activities:
Pampered Pet Resorts understands the importance of keeping dogs mentally and physically stimulated. In addition to comfortable accommodations, the boarding experience includes a variety of enrichment activities. From interactive play sessions to stimulating toys, each dog receives the attention and engagement they need to thrive during their stay.

Regular Updates for Pet Parents:
Separation anxiety is a concern for many pet owners, and Pampered Pet Resorts addresses this by providing regular updates. Our boarding suites include live cameras that owners can freely access to view their pets 24 hours a day. Additionally, you can access live feeds of our facilities through our website and view your dog during group playtime.

Pampered Pet Resorts in Naples, Florida, redefines the dog boarding experience, offering more than just a place to stay. With resort-style accommodations, personalized care plans and a commitment to the well-being of every furry guest, our establishment ensures your dog receives the love and attention they deserve. Choose Pampered Pet Resorts for a worry-free dog boarding experience that combines luxury, safety and personalized care for your cherished canine companion.

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