At Pampered Pet Resorts, We Pawsitively Love to Care for Senior Dogs!

It’s a fact of life that both pups and their humans eventually grow older. However, aging doesn’t mean that your fur baby has to give up their favorite things. Whether it’s chasing a ball or enjoying a romp in our splash pad, there’s nothing better than the joy an older dog finds in reliving its youth.

That’s why we’ve developed the Senior Pets Program at Pampered Pet Resorts. While we’re always attentive to our guests’ needs, we take special care to pay attention to any special needs that your pupper may have.

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A Program Designed for Your Best Friend

We start by assessing your dog’s mobility, along with any other areas of concern. We use a variety of assistive devices if needed, from hip slings that assist with walking to yoga mats that make it easier to get up or down. We also take care to balance your pup’s social needs and abilities. That means that your senior dog may skip the occasional group play session to prevent them from overexerting themselves, and that they get ample rest to recuperate in between activities.

Keeping your senior pup active both physically and mentally is an essential part of keeping them healthy and happy. By socializing your pup with the rest of the pack here at Pampered Pet Resorts, you’re helping them stay younger in mind, body, and spirit. They can even act as a guide in teaching younger dogs the proper ways to behave in group settings.

We’ll Treat Your Senior Dog Right

Since we’re open 24/7, we’re always here to care for your pup. Whether you’re considering overnight boarding or want to test the waters with a short daycare visit, our team will provide the same level of attentive, loving care. We’ll schedule extra potty breaks, administer their meds, and ensure that their every need is met. Call us to learn more about our Senior Dogs Program and schedule a visit.

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