The Pampered Press – Volume 4 Issue 4

dog boarding and daycare naples floridaSummer is here and all of June we’ll be celebrating National Microchipping Month! If your pup isn’t already microchipped, we greatly recommend scheduling an appointment with your vet. Read on to learn more about microchips, the benefits of classic and reggae music and our special puppy program.

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Did you know that classical and reggae music can calm down your furry friend? The slower tempo of 50-60 beats per minute can lead to relaxation and helps reduce the sense of stress and anxiety in your dog. Instances where playing classical or reggae music is recommended for your pet include:

  • Visit to the vet
  • During loud noises like fireworks
  • Long car rides
  • When left home alone


News fur You

It’s National Microchipping Month!

dog microchipping

Fortunately, more than 52% of dogs with microchips are found and end up back home with their families after being lost. Unlike traditional ID tags which can break or become worn and illegible over time, microchips can last the life of your pet. Let’s grow the recovery rate and consider microchipping your pet.

Quick facts:

  • The chip is no larger than a grain of rice
  • Uses the same technology as a bar code scanner
  • Can be added to any pet regardless of age

Raving Reviews

We take great pride in providing the best paw-sible care for your pets. If you’ve had a great experience with us, make sure to leave us a review!

“ I can’t believe I haven’t written a review yet. Olive has been coming to daycare here since she was a tiny puppy over 3 years ago. To say she has grown up at Pampered Pet is not an exaggeration. She is very well taken care of, loves all the staff and help strain them on giving the proper amount of attention. We have also boarded her a few times and are very happy. Highly recommended bringing your fur baby here!” – B.N.


Quality puppy training and daycare are crucial when it comes to your dog’s early development. Our puppy program offers growing pooches consistent training to help them learn manners and how to behave. While being assigned to only one pack member a day, your pup will experience compatibility-based group playtime, extra potty-training breaks and brain stimulating puzzle toys during downtimes.


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