The Pampered Press – Volume 4 Issue 6

More pawprints!

The number of happy guests continues to grow at Pampered Pet Resorts. Each week, new dogs are being welcomed to the furry family and shown an all-around great time! Divided by size and play style (ensuring safety as well as fun), dogs go outside at least 6 times a day. And whether they hit the splash pad or kiddie pool, or run, chase and play, they go home happy and tuckered out. See for yourself by peeking at our live cams!


Pupdates from Joyce

A spring of experience The Pampered Pet Resorts staff brings over 40 years of animal care experience to our guests and their parents. Talk about peace of mind!

Go Reggie go!

When Collier County Domestic Animal Services (DAS) needed extra help caring for a dog, Pampered Pet Resorts stepped in. Reggie, who was hit by a car and could barely stand, is now up and moving around. He even has a little spring in his step. Perhaps the best news is he might not need surgery as originally planned. Our around-the-clock attention seems to be going a long way with Reggie, who loves his Presidential Suite! One thing is for sure, however. He melts our hearts every day.
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Pawsitively cool

When it comes to great features, Pampered Pet Resorts brings the kennel. These are just a few reasons we’re the best daycare and boarding facility known to dog. 24/7 pick up and drop off • No more than 15-to-1 dog-to-staff ratio • The best splash pad in town • 1,200-square-foot indoor play area • Calming suites for guest who get nervous



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