The Pampered Press – Volume 4 Issue 7

With the holiday season quickly approaching, our facilities are filling up! If you’re planning an end-of-year getaway or vacation, please call our team to get your pups on the books. Unsure of the best suite for your dog? A member of our pack will be glad to help!Speaking of holidays, Halloween is next month and our team is once again holding a costume contest! Submit your dog’s best spooky pic below for a chance to win a fang-tastic gift basket. Deadlines and additional details will be shared soon.-Joyce

The majority of dog owners view their pup as an integral part of the family. This means it can be tempting to share food from our own meals to see those tails wag. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the dangers certain human foods pose.

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Tennis balls found to pose serious health risks for dogs.

Did you know that offering your dog a tennis ball may actually present a significant health risk? According to recent studies, the exterior of a tennis ball can become abrasive, like sandpaper, due to the accumulation of dirt, saliva and sand during play. This can hurt your pup’s nose, gums and other parts of the facial area. Opt for a smoother ball or plush toys as a safer alternative for play time.

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During our popular daycare service, your furry friends can socialize and play with new friends all day under the supervision of our trained handlers. After play times, we provide tranquil suites for your pet to rest and recover. Our live cameras allow you to keep an eye on them at all times.


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