Top 10 Questions You Should Ask When Boarding Your Pup

1.Will my pup be able to play both indoors and outdoors? How often?

Many resorts have outdoor facilities where they can let dogs out to relieve themselves, but you don’t want your pets exposed to the elements at all times. Someone should take your pup out a minimum of 3-4 times in 24 hours. Ask the staff about the times they take the dogs out and for how long. At Pampered Pet Resorts your pup will go out six-times per day with a suitable group for their play style.

2.How secure is your facility?

You may want to check in on your pet while you’re gone, and webcams allow you to monitor what’s going on. Make sure you have access to this option. Our facility features LIVE cams that show the entire kennel inside and outside.

3.How do you clean and sanitize the resort?

We recommend you make a visit to the facility and ask for a tour to see for yourself. Ask to see where your dog will spend most of his/her time. Be sure to use your senses while you’re there: Does it look clean? Does it smell clean? We utilize a restaurant-grade cleaning system for each suite after our guests depart, and we sanitize our play yards twice daily.

4.How is your facility climate-controlled?

Your pup has been spoiled at home, and you want to be sure they will be just as comfortable when they are away. Ask questions about how the facility manages its temperature. At Pampered Pet Resorts, we have a HEPA Air Filtration System that captures 99.95% of particles passing through with 100% fresh air induction cycles every 20 minutes! We are also temperature controlled throughout our entire facility and maintain it at 74 degrees.

5.What is your pet play ratio?

More humans chaperoning means someone is more likely to notice if your dog is hurt or otherwise needs extra attention. Each playgroup is supervised by a trained Pack Member.

6.What other activities do you provide for my pup?

Many resorts offer additional services for a fee, such as brushing, washing, training, nail trimming, or extra playtime. Some facilities also offer playgroups your pet may enjoy. It’s important to know what your pet will be doing while you are away. In between play, we take each pup/family back to their suites so they have time to rejuvenate before going back out. Report cards are provided daily to all of our clients to update how their pup is doing. We also offer alternative services for dogs who don’t mingle well with others. To ensure your pup is in the best condition to re-enter play, we conduct body checks a minimum of twice per day.

7.What are the costs to board my pup?

When deciding to board your pup, it’s important to have all the costs involved broken down. There may be a set fee or up charges added for special services. You don’t want any surprise charges added to your bill when you come back to pick up your pup. Each boarding stay at Pampered Pet Resorts includes a private suite with a bed, plush microfiber bedding, and complimentary food.

8.What is your resort availability?

Many resorts, especially during holidays, are booked weeks or months in advance. Make sure you know how far in advance you need to book a stay. Our resort team is available 24/7/365 to ensure we provide you with unmatched pick-up and drop-off flexibility.

9.What is your training and certification criteria for team members?

Many things can happen throughout the day. It is essential for the people taking care of your pet to have the proper training and certifications to handle any situation that may occur. Our entire staff is Pet CPR and first aid certified.

10.What happens if there is an emergency in the middle of the night?

You want to ensure that the people taking care of your dog know what to do in a medical emergency. Also, be sure to confirm there is transportation available at all times to take your dog to the veterinarian in case of an emergency. Our resort is less than one mile away from the Animal Specialty Hospital and our overnight staff performs a walk through every 30 minutes to ensure all pets are happy and healthy.

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